Mathematics and Statistics:

The Foundational Blocks of Science, Technology and Engineering


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Florida Gulf Coast University. Mathematics is essentially the general study of number and pattern. As a separate and self-contained discipline it has a rich history, worthy purpose, and noble esthetic. Linked to the sciences and related disciplines, it unlocks their potential to improve the human condition by providing a universal language to express conjecture, fact, and ultimately understanding. A mathematical education is unique in its focus on rigorous logic, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skill, all habits of mind which are prized in the practical world.

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Florida Gulf Coast University. We are very proud to continue our academic excellence in the areas of undergraduate and postgraduate mathematical studies. The department offers two undergraduate (B.A. and B.S. mathematics) and postgraduate (M.S (Applied Mathematics), and Mathematics Certificate) programs. The programs cover a broad spectrum of fields ranging from many areas of mathematics and statistics.

We also offer minors for students seeking to supplement their major with classes in areas of mathematics and statistics. Our department is home to more than 30 full-time faculty engaged in diverse research areas and innovative teaching techniques. Students have the opportunity to work closely with research faculty and to build relationships that lead to many different forms of collaboration and exploration. Our distinguished faculty are committed to providing the best learning environment possible. In addition, our faculty are enthusiastic to support your career success by ensuring that students learn required skills that are highly desired by employers and graduate schools.

If you are motivated and interested in mathematics, and if you are ready for the challenge of mathematical studies, then FGCU is a wonderful place to explore a degree in mathematics. I invite you to peruse this site and learn more about the educational experiences that our department has to offer. If you would like to speak with someone about the programs offered by the department, you may contact us at (239) 590-7195.

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2016 FGCU STEM Competition.

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